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Beautifully Crafted Residential Custom Wine Cellars for Your Baltimore Home

Is it your dream to add a custom wine cellar to your Baltimore, MD home? At Harvest Custom Wine Cellars and Saunas, we can design your ideal cellar for any room or space. Contact us at (443) 552-5084 today to start your project.

A Beautiful Residential Wine Cellar by Harvest Wine Cellars and Saunas

Residential Wine Cellar
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Custom residential and commercial Baltimore wine cellars
Are you ready for a custom wine cellar for your Baltimore home? We’re ready to start on your design!

This beautiful residential wine cellar project began when the homeowner called and told us that he was planning to build a custom designed wine storage room for his wine and whiskey collection. We happily took the project and started it by having a consultation with the owner to discuss his design specifications. 

Our design team then created a 3D CAD wine cellar drawing so the client could review and clearly visualize the exact wine cellar design he wanted.

After the client approved the design, we started the construction of his residential custom wine cellar in Baltimore. 

custom residential Baltimore wine cellar design
Each design starts with a detailed plan so you can see how your own cellar will look. Click on this image to see our Pinterest board with all the drawings, plus before and after photos!

Different Wine Racking Systems for a More Customized Design 

Custom Wine Racking Baltimore
Custom Racking Design for Baltimore Wine Cellars

When planning a wine cellar construction, it is important to find the best racking option to fit the personal style, budget, and storage needs of the client.

For this home wine cellar, the client needed a racking system that could store and display both his wine and whiskey collections. 

We chose a curved corner wine rack kit with individual bottle openings and a diamond bin rack for the storage of his wine.  Then we incorporated a bourbon storage shelves section to display his favorite types of whiskey. 

We also added quarter round display shelves where he can display more whiskey or put some figurines or ornaments.

At the center is a custom arch with stemware storage where wine glasses can be stored.  This wine rack design has a total capacity of 395 bottles. 

Take a look at our available wine racking product lines HERE. 

Baltimore, MD - Custom Residential Wine Cellars
Baltimore, MD – Custom Residential Wine Cellars

Genuwine Cellars Mahogany Racking for Baltimore Residential Wine Cellar

Custom wooden wine racking in cambara mahogany
This custom racking is a perfect combination of form and function and fits the need of this wine cellar perfectly.

Genuwine Cellars supplied the racking for this project.  They are known for their excellent craftsmanship, creativity, and world-class products.  The premium, exotic wood materials they use are recommended for their durability and aesthetic appeal. 

Cambara Mahogany is the chosen wood species for the wine racks.  It is one of the most in-demand wood species in building wooden wine racks because of its legendary durability and naturally rich tone. 

This type of wood is the perfect choice for this residential custom wine cellar project because the homeowner prefers a darker shade.  The vibrant dark color of Cambara Mahogany flows seamlessly into the theme of the cellar. 

Staining was not as much a priority to him.  Clear lacquer was applied so the racking would give off a lovely sheen. 

Learn more about the excellent products available from Genuwine here! 

Lighting Options for Wine Cellar Construction

custom lighting for a Baltimore residential wine cellar
Wine Cellar Lighting is a critical component in wine cellar design. The right lighting can accentuate your collection and highlight your custom storage.

There is an almost unlimited amount of lighting options that can be installed in your wine cellar to highlight any collection.  In this design, there were a few types utilized to make this cellar stand out. 

We added a display row lighting to highlight the client’s most precious wines.  Ribbon lighting was used along the top of the racking, while puck lighting was used above the niche in the center of the focal wall. 

An LED lighting system that can be dimmed was installed on the ceiling.  This is a great option because it can be adjusted to the owner’s lighting preference and emits very little heat, which is favorable for proper wine aging. 

Accessories that add Personal Flare to Wine Cellars

Baltimore wine cellar decor and art
What do you have in mind for your own custom wine cellar? Call us at (443) 552-5084 to talk with one of our experts now.

Adding accessories to your wine cellar is a beautiful way to make any design more customized for residential custom wine cellars Baltimore.  In this cellar, an oak wine barrel was incorporated as a display and storage table for the client’s cherished whiskey collection.  This accessory, which he brought from a beach house, is very special to the homeowner. 

What are the other accessories that can be added to a residential custom wine cellar? 

  • Paintings/Murals
  • Sculptures
  • Chandeliers

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Wine Cellar Design from the Experts at Harvest Custom Wine Cellars and Saunas

Do you want to have a residential custom wine cellar build in your Baltimore home but don’t know where to start? At Harvest Custom Wine Cellars and Saunas, we provide on-site consultations and 3D CAD drawings. From the initial design to the completion of your project, we will be there to answer your questions each step of the way. Contact us now to start your dream design today.

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