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A Must-See Transitional Home Wine Cellar in Maryland Built with Wooden Wine Racks

Transitional Home Wine Cellar Maryland
Transitional Home Wine Cellar Maryland

The design process for wine cellars is a challenging job. It requires the help of a professional. At Harvest Custom Wine Cellars, we have been helping homeowners design and build their dream wine cellar. In this project, the owner used an inspiration picture to help us create a design layout that would meet her requirements. 

Features of a Transitional Home Wine Cellar in Maryland  

In one of our projects, a wine collector in Maryland sought our help. When you choose to work with us, you may request us to submit a design proposal, or you can send inspiration photos for us to get the idea of the overall look that you want for your wine room.  

At first, our client in this project wanted a traditional wine cellar. We looked at and discussed a picture of a wine room with traditional features. It was a good start, but then went in a different direction with the final design. The client likes clean lines and minimal to no arches.  

She came across another inspiration photo of a transitional home wine cellar that looked a little more minimalist. We incorporated some of the features of that wine room to create a contemporary feel and add functionality to the wine cellar.  

Designing the Wine Racks to Create a Contemporary Feel and Maximize the Storage Capacity of her Wine Cellar  

Harvest Custom Wine Cellars was hired to build a refrigerated wine cellar in a small room in the client’s house. With a depth of 9.25 feet and a width of 7.7 feet, designing the wine racks for the small wine room was challenging.  

However, with extensive experience and knowledge in wine cellar construction, any problem can be overcome when you hire a professional in creating wine rooms that will store and display your collection safely and beautifully.  

In this project, we worked closely with the architect. They created the layout for this transitional wine cellar in Maryland, and their designs were beautiful. We did have to make some modifications in the placement of the wine cooling unit.  

Wine Rack Styles on the Sidewalls   

Wooden Wine Racks Transitional Home Wine Cellar
Wooden Wine Racks Transitional Home Wine Cellar

At Harvest Custom Wine Cellars, we always want every design to suit the owner’s aesthetic and functional needs. The client wanted to have rectangular bins included in her wine cellar design.  

The bottom section of this transitional wine cellar in Maryland consists of double deep wine racks to increase its bottle capacity. We added twelve bins on both the left and right walls. Some of them are used as storage for the cases, while the other bins are used as rectangular bins.  

We included a tabletop in the middle of the racking to provide space for decanting and serving wines and display a few bottles vertically. Display rows were added just above the tabletop of the sidewalls. They are divided into sections to serve as an inventory system, allowing the owner to organize and monitor her bottles conveniently. She can store the wine in each section according to the region.  

The display rows pitch the bottles at a 15-degree angle, so the wine remains in contact with the cork. We installed low LED rope lighting above the display rows to highlight the bottles beautifully.  

At the top section, you will see individual wine storage racks for storing the bottles in a neck-forward orientation.   

Racking on the Back Wall 

At the top of the back wall, we included a square opening with a tabletop. It is surrounded by single wine racks. Below the tabletop are individual wine racks and slots for magnums on both sides.  

Other Features and Components of the Wine Racks Designed for the Transitional Home Wine Cellar in Maryland 

To help create a contemporary feel in the wine room, the client opted for a flat crown molding instead of 3-5-inch molding. We added lighting to the soffit and adjusted the flat molding. For the racking material, we used Sapele Mahogany and applied Espresso stain and clear satin finish.   

Wine Cooling System 

Ceiling Mounted WhisperKOOL Cooling Unit Installed in a Transitional Home Wine Cellar
Ceiling Mounted WhisperKOOL Cooling Unit in Transitional Home Wine Cellar

The role of the wine cooling system in proper wine storage cannot be underestimated. As a master wine cellar builder, Harvest Custom Wine Cellars, we understand the importance of proper sizing and installation of the unit.  

The architect initially planned to install a through-the-wall wine refrigeration unit in this transitional home wine cellar in Maryland. As a cooling representative of WhisperKOOL and Wine Guardian, Tim of Harvest Custom Wine Cellars was able to size the appropriate unit for the wine room by performing a heat load calculation. This process allowed them to determine the BTUs required for the wine cellar, considering the following factors:  

  • The size of the room 
  • Heat sources 
  • Amount of glass used for the walls/doors 
  • Amount of insulation installed  

Calculating the heat load also helped us determine the correct type of climate control system needed for a wine cellar. The through-the-wall cooling unit recommended by the architect was not large enough for the wine room. It would need an exhaust room for proper dissipation of heat and noise, which was supposedly the family room.  

We used the Ceiling Mount (CM) 8000 model from WhisperKOOL, which was the perfect option considering the size of the wine cellar. We mounted the unit to the ceiling, at the center of the room. Since no racking space was occupied for the refrigeration unit, we have saved about 25 to 30 bottles.  

Another advantage of using a ceiling mount unit is its quiet operation. The condenser, which is the noisy component, was installed outdoors while the evaporator is in the ceiling.  

Let us Build a Transitional Wine Cellar in Your Maryland Home 

Building your dream wine room is easy with Harvest Custom Wine Cellars. You can look for photos for inspiration or let our specialist create the entire design according to your requirements. Our team is composed of design and cooling experts who know and understand the importance of the proper installation and sizing of wine cooling systems.  

In this transitional home wine cellar in Maryland and all of our projects, we made sure that the refrigeration unit chosen suits the requirements of our client.   

If you need to consult a professional, please call us at 804-467-5816.  

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