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Bring Your Space to a New Level with Contemporary Wine Cellar Design

Contemporary Wine Cellar Design by Harvest Custom Wine Cellars
Contemporary Wine Cellar Design by Harvest Custom Wine Cellars

With many ways to enhance the aesthetic value of your home, it is best to consult with a professional like Harvest Custom Wine Cellars. One of these ways is by adding a unique feature to your property, such as a beautiful wine room. Our team will create a contemporary wine cellar design to make your space stand out.      

Contemporary Wine Cellar Design: Benefits and Stylish Options  

If you love to entertain friends and host wine-tasting parties in your home, we recommend that you invest in a refrigerated wine room where you can show off and store your wine collection.  At Harvest Custom Wine Cellars, we will create a contemporary wine cellar design that will make your space appealing.  

For many years, our team has been helping wine collectors build their dream wine cellar.     Contemporary interiors are increasing in popularity among homeowners. Our innovative wine storage solutions cater to every budget.  

The design process is quite challenging because it requires careful assessment and keen attention to detail. However, with our extensive experience and creativity, we can overcome any challenges that might hinder us from transforming a space into an exceptional wine room.     

The materials used for building a wine cellar play a vital role in achieving the overall appeal that you desire. We utilize metal and glass to achieve a minimalist look. The best wine cellars in Virginia are those that are superior in functionality and aesthetics.    

Contemporary Wine Cellar Design with Metal Wine Racks  

Metal is a popular material used for contemporary wine cellars. Metal wine storage systems have clean lines and add a luxurious appeal to a wine room. At Harvest Custom Wine Cellars, our metal wine racks can be pre-made (also known as kit wine racks) or customized. We recommend kit wine racks for those who have a limited budget but still want a high-quality storage option. If you are willing to spend a bit more to meet your aesthetic needs, customizing your wine racks is the perfect option.  

One advantage of customizing your racking system is adding unique features to your contemporary wine cellar design. Moreover, custom wine racks will be made according to the shape and size of your wine room. These are perfect for odd-shaped spaces like under the stairs. Customizing your racking will also allow you to combine metal with wood, depending on your preference.   

We install metal wine racks supplied by top-notch manufacturers like VintageView. You do not have to break the bank to have a wine display that stands out. All of our wine racks are also durable, sturdy, and constructed to withstand the high humid conditions in refrigerated wine cellars.       

VintageView Metal Wine Racks: Reasons that Make them Widely Used in Contemporary Wine Cellar Design  

Elegant Vintage View Wine Racks Contemporary Wine Cellar
Elegant Vintage View Wine Racks Contemporary Wine Cellar

VintageView has been our supplier of metal wine racks for many years. The wine storage systems they offer are perfect for a contemporary wine cellar design.  

Their metal wine racks are designed with a label forward orientation, offering ease in reading the wine labels and locating a specific type of wine. Moreover, label forward wine racks also offer convenience in wine management and inventory.  

Harvest Custom Wine Cellars offers different styles of wine racks, including freestanding (standalone) wine racks, wall wine racks, and floor-to-ceiling wine racks.  

Freestanding Metal Wine Racks  

VintageView’s standalone wine racks include the Island Display, Evolution Series, Tabletop Acrylic, and Case& Crate Wine Racks. These wine racks are available in metal and acrylic, and in various heights, widths, and depths. They can be placed in any corner of a room.

Wall-Mounted Wine Racks  

If you have limited space in your small apartment or want to build a wine cellar under the stairs, we recommend wall-mounted wine racks from VintageView. These wine racks are easy to install and can bring any boring wall to life.  

We offer VintageView’s Column Wall Series, which consists of wall-mounted wine racks that can hold many bottles in a single column. You may choose the depth and height for these wine racks.  

The PEG Series wine racks are also known as the Vino Series. This wine storage system allows you to create a wine display depending on your specific needs. The metal pegs or pins are attached to a back panel of your choice. Two pegs or pins can hold one bottle. You may decide on the spacing, design, and depth (single, double, or triple) of your peg system.  

We recommend the Floating Wall Wine Rack Kit by VintageView for those who want to create an illusion of bottles floating in the air.    

Floor-to-Ceiling Series Wine Racks  
Contemporary Wine Cellar Design with VintageView Wine Racks
Contemporary Wine Cellar Design with Wrought Iron Doors

We have built wine cellars in homes with a high ceiling. The most suitable wine rack system for these projects is the floor-to-ceiling wine racks manufactured by VintageView. They are an excellent way to maximize the storage capacity of a wine room.  

Contemporary Wine Cellar Design with Glass Doors  

Aside from the wine racks, another component that affects the overall appeal of your wine cellar is the door. In creating a contemporary wine cellar design, we typically incorporate glass doors. Seamless glass doors can add a luxurious look to a wine room and allow your collection to be visible from the outside without any obstructions. You may also opt for a glass door with a wooden frame and/or wrought iron grills.   

Let Us Create a Stunning Contemporary Design for your Home Wine Cellar  

Do you want to build a minimalist yet luxurious-looking wine room for your collection? At Harvest Custom Wine Cellars, our team will create a contemporary wine cellar design that will bring your space to a higher level.  

If you have any questions or want to talk to one of our specialists, please call us at (804) 467-5816!   

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