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WhisperKool Cooling Systems for Your Custom Wine Cellar


To successfully create a stable climate condition inside a custom wine cellar, meticulous room preparation and proper cooling system installation must be observed. Read on to learn more about a leading brand of wine cellar refrigeration system, WhisperKool Cooling. Harvest Wine Cellars and Saunas is proud to offer their excellent product lines!

whisperkool cooling system commercial residential wine cellar

Read on to learn more about these high quality cooling systems. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have and help you find the perfect cooling system for your custom residential or commercial wine cellar. We’re proud to serve customers in Richmond, Charlottesville, Williamsburg, Baltimore, Washington D.C., and all the surrounding areas. Call us today at (804) 467-5816 to get started on your own custom design!

WhisperKool Cooling System

The WhisperKool cooling system is a popular wine cellar refrigeration system choice for residential or commercial custom wine cellars and or wine cabinets. It is considered the most suitable for different types of installations in terms of aesthetics, noise, reliability, and cost.

It is very important to choose an excellent refrigeration system because it is the core component of a refrigerated wine cellar. A cooling system with the right support structure regulates the climate condition inside a wine cellar to properly preserve the prized wines over a long period of time.

Now let’s discuss the different types of WhisperKool cooling system available: self-contained systems, split systems, and ducted systems.

Types of WhisperKool Cooling System

Each of the different types of WhisperKool cooling system serves a specific function. Let’s look a little closer at each one.

Split Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

If you are looking for the most efficient way to maintain proper temperature and humidity levels inside the wine cellar, a split wine cellar cooling system could be the perfect one for you. A split system is called such because its condenser is separated from the evaporator. This promotes two advantages: (1) an efficient process and (2) a quiet environment. We all know that condensers not only need a huge space for ventilation but also makes a lot of noise when inside the cellar. While the condenser is placed far from the wine cellar, the evaporator is usually placed just nearby or inside.

Moreover, the WhisperKOOL split system is composed of 3 types: the Ceiling Mount, Mini Split, and Platinum Split.

whisperkool ceiling mount twin split
Ceiling mounted split systems allow for effective cooling with minimal intrusion into your storage space.

The Ceiling Mount

  • Mounted on the ceiling
  • Maximizes racking space
  • Has an aesthetic appeal
  • Comes with an optional Active Humidity Control
  • Utilizes Intermittent Mist Technology Injection
whisperkool condenser for residential and commercial wine cellars
The condenser unit for the Whisperkool 4000 Platinum unit.

Mini Split

  • Quietly and reliably cools wine rooms up to 500 cubic feet
  • Designed with Advanced System Protection Technology

Platinum Split

  • Quietest and most efficient WhisperKool wine cellar refrigeration system
  • Offers maximum flexibility in cooling system installation
  • Comes in two variations: Platinum Split 4000 (1,000 cubic feet areas) and Platinum Split 8000 (2,000 cubic feet areas)
  • Has a 55° temperature differential

Self-Contained Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

Some wine cellar designs may require a more powerful cooling unit due to unavoidable complications, such as glass, stone, or concrete building materials. A powerful self-contained WhisperKool cooling system is the most economical and easiest unit to install in such a situation. The unit contains both the evaporator and the condenser. Basically, it is designed for a very simple cooling system installation. One end supplies the cool air while the other end vents out the warm air.

Furthermore, this type WhisperKool cooling system has 4 models: the SC Series, Slimline, InCellar, and Extreme Series.

whisperkool self contained wine cellar cooling unit
Whisperkool listened to customer and installer feedback to create the excellent SC 4000i model.

SC Series

  • Smooth and easy installation
  • features a single piece mounting bracket
  • comes with a Condensate Evaporator
  • designed with oversized coils

Slimline Series

  • Most quiet
  • Designed to mount into the rarely used space located between the ceiling and the entryway door
  • Allows maximum storage capacity of a wine cellar
  • has the ability to reliably cool wine rooms up to 350 cubic feet

InCellar Series

whisperkool cooling unit extreme model
This Extreme 3500ti model introduces variable speed fans for even more precise temperature control.
  • Effective for cooling and exhausting
  • features a top facing exhaust
  • built with a crankcase heater
  • engineered to maintain ideal climate conditions in wine cellars up to 2,000 cubic feet

Extreme Series

  • the most powerful commercial grade system
  • Built with state of the art, high-quality parts
  • designed with a 55° temperature differential

Fully Ducted Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

Last but definitely not least is the Ducted WhisperKool cooling system. This type of wine cellar refrigeration system promotes a virtually silent wine storage environment. This is because the evaporator can be as far as 25 duct feet away from the cellar.

Moreover, this kind of cooling system makes use of duct work to supply chilled air inside the wine room and exhaust warm air outdoors.

Extreme Series

  • Advanced Digital Controller
  • Bottle Probe
  • Dynamic Airflow
  • Efficient Coil Design
  • Coated Evaporator Coil
    whisperkool side ducted self contained unit
    This powerful side-ducted Phantom 5000 unit represents the latest in wine cooling technology.
  • Durable Finish

Phantom Series

  • Flexible Installation Options
  • Proven Cooling Performance
  • Liqui-temperature-measuring bottle probe
  • Quiet Operation
  • Quick-to-access Components for Ease of Maintenance
  • Corrosion-resistant Drip Tray
  • Black powder-coated Paint Scheme
  • Suitable for Operation in Ambient Temperatures as High as 110° F

Split Series

  • Quiet and Efficient Operation
  • Advanced Electronic Display
  • Liquid Bottle Probe
  • Energy Saving Mode
  • Flexible Installation
  • 55°F Temperature Differential
  • Condensing Unit can be Placed Outdoors w/ Optional Housing
  • Pump Down System for Longer Compressor Life
whisperkool quantum series for custom residential commercial wine cellars
This incredible Quantom SS12000 can handle temperatures as low as -15°. Is this powerhouse the right model for you?

Quantum Series

  • Fully Ducted Split System
  • 9000/12000 BTU Capacity for Larger Cellars
  • Interchangeable Evaporator Airflow Panels
  • Pump Down System Technology
  • Advanced Electronic Display
  • Liquid Bottle Probe
  • Energy Saving Mode
  • Cold Weather Climates to -15°F
  • Electro-fin Coated Coils for Protection Against Outgassing the Occurs in Cellars
  • Condensing Unit can be Placed Outdoors w/ Optional Housing
  • Designed with the Highest Quality, Professional Grade Parts for Longevity and Performance
  • Durable Galvanized Housing
  • 50ft Control & Liquid Bottle Probe
  • 2 Year Warranty

Get your own WhisperKool cooling system now!

For the best wine cellar refrigeration system for your custom wine cellar, choose WhisperKool cooling system. At Harvest Custom Wine Cellars, we aim to offer you the best experience and top-line products.

When you’re ready to learn more about cooling system installation and the WhisperKool product lines, call our experts at (804) 467-5816 in Richmond or (443) 552-5084 in Baltimore, or click here to get started on a quote.







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